Linux Services

Open Source Operating Systems Solutions

Altech Technologies provides Linux based solutions for server level requirements as well as desktop level requirements. Altnix provides consulting, roll-out and on-going maintenance for Linux based IT infrastructure.

Linux Distributions

The following Linux variants (or Linux distribution packages) are supported by AltechTechnologies.

centos  debian   redhat
 freebsd  ubuntu  suse linux

Other Operating Systems

In addition to Linux variants, Altech Technologies also has expertise in the following open source operating systems.

aix  solaris  unix 

Server Level Linux Administration

Altech Technologies provides server level operating sytem administration that includes installation, configuration, regular administration, patches, upgrades and data backup of Linux based servers. Altech team can provide in-house administration as well as remote infrastructure management (RIMS) services for customers across the world.

Windows to Linux Migration

With our expertise on Linux operating systems, Altech Technologies can migrate your entire Microsoft Windows based technology stack to a correspoding open source technology stack based on Linux operating system. Our team has migrated entire office IT infrastructure including Desktops, Servers, Microsoft Office, Email, Databases, and ERP class applications from a Microsoft Windows operating system base to Linux operating system base. 

Operating System (OS) Hardening

For many applications, the operating system must be hardened for improved performance and security. Altech Technologies has years of experience with operating hardening for all variants of Linux.

Performance Tuning for Operating Systems

The operating system can be tuned for optimum performance based on the application that needs to run on that operating system. Altech team works with the customer to understand the performance requirements and then tune the operating system for maximum performance.

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